środa, 26 stycznia 2011


It has been one year since I started running this blog and this is my very first non-picture post. So it's special. It will be even more special because I would like to thank all my viewers - THANK YOU, guys, it means a lot or more to me. Special special thanks goes to Singapore, USA and UK - you are my biggest supporters and I can feel it every day (and I can see it, as well - especially since I discovered stats tab). Dziękuję, děkuji, hvala - you warm the cockles of my heart! Thank you for all 244 comments - but to make it "one comment per one post" you need to add 20 more. So chop-chop guys and happy one!


8 komentarzy:

  1. Kocham Cię Zo!
    To jeszcze tylko 19?


  2. с днем рождения! (15?)

  3. phi! give me few minutes to write an unstoppable-comment-adding bot and you'll surely reach 1k comments till the end of the day ;)

  4. as long as it will make me the most influential blogger in 2011 - please take your time ;)


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